“GARDEN OF COLOR” 7Hues Magazine, March 2018

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Spring is finally here! Frocks of color, fields of blooms and creative bounty make you want to go outside and shake off those winter cabin blues.

One of the easiest ways to invite this new season into our lives, is not only wear it but to ingest it. What we take in into our body, mind and soul has a lasting effect on what we exude.

In this latest beauty editorial, I wanted to portray a quirky view of some interesting fruits and veggies and their health benefits. Working alongside Luis Martinez, a beauty photographer based in of Dallas, Texas, we moved the concept along. Beautiful Haley Halter courtesy of The Kim Dawson Agency was our canvas for the day. Calli Martin, the fashion stylist, seamlessly added fashion touches to synchronize every look.

We had a great time shopping for unusual fruits with texture and color. Plus we had a tasty snack after our photoshoot!

Here is Haley on the cover for 7Hues Magazine. Read along to see some cool benefits of each fruit plus inspirational uses of color and product.

First up, is the pomegranate. The most sensual of fruits, the pomegranate is a superfood power house. It has powerful antioxidants which help with aging, it helps with stomach disorders and helps with anemia.

Haley wears MAC Lip Liner in Currant.

Kiwano is a stunning fruit but it also helps fight off signs of aging, it helps reduce evidence of scars and aids in eye health. Extending the eyeliner shape elevated this look and made it avant garde. MAC Chromagraphic Liner in Geniune Orange was used for this piece.

This beautifully deep green helps fight off cancer agents. The Swiss chard helps with lowering blood sugar levels and has vitamins K, A and C. KIKO Milano Free Soul Eyeliner in Limitless Forest was used to enhance the water line.

Famous as a dip, the artichoke is best eaten without all the cream cheese. It helps lower bad cholesterol, has tons of fiber and prevents inflammation. I love working with creams around the eye are for fast and impactful color deposit. I used Makeup Firever Flash Palette to transition all these colors together.

This cool fruit is thought to have the highest concentration of vitamin A. The Korean Melon has carotenoids which give the skin it’s color. You can have beautiful glow and pigment to your skin by adding these to your diet. This artistic approach to color was achieved by layering colors, lightest to darkest, by running my finger back and forth on a dense synthetic fan brush loaded with varying hues of MAC Pro Performance HD Airbrush.

Dragonfruit is a superfood that is full of multiple benefits. It has phytonutrients like vitamin B and C, and good fatty acids to help with cholesterol.

Passion fruit explodes with flavor but it is loaded with antioxidants. It helps your skin and combats against free radicals (they cause aging). P.s. Eat the seeds for added fiber and protein. For an intense and saturated color block shadow, I used Danessa Myricks Color Fix in Tribe.

Starfruit is not only exotic looking but it is packed full of Vitamin C. It helps with your immune system and mood. A fun star accent was used in this scene using NYX Cosmetics Suede Matte Liner.

Lastly, Rambutan is a strange looking fruit but the inside is sweet like a grape. (Other than making earrings out it as we did with wardrobe stylist Calli Martin) it is good for anti aging, it helps with pregnancy dizzy spells, and boosts energy.

I hope that you enjoyed learning a bit more about these delicious and peculiar fruits and gift inspired by their color as much as we did!


Photographed by: Luis Martinez Photography

Hair and Makeup by: Walter Fuentes

Fashion Styling by: Calli Martin

Model: Haley Halter at Kim Dawson Agency