INfluential Magazine July 2014: Easy Hairstyles in 10 minutes or less


It’s summer and the days are long and lazy. A lot of outdoor activities, minimal makeup, and easy breezy clothing are all the norm.

Paid an extra bit of change to get your hair blown out? Had it just colored and trimmed? Had an event over the weekend and got it professionally styled? Now to wash it out for the work week right?

Wrong! You dont have to sacrifice good hair for comfort!

In this month’s issue of INfluential Magazine, I give my little secrets tips on how to extend your blowout and nicely shampooed hair style by having different styles.

Try it out for your next dinner date, party or night out on the town too!

4 Styles to try

Volume Blowout



Step 1: Squeeze a small amount of the styling foam into your palm. I like to use Paul Mitchell Styling Foam for its soft hold and heat protection

Step 2: Rub your hands together and evenly and work it through damp hair

Step 3: Blow dry your hair with a round brush. I recommend sectioning your hair into 4 sections. Section from ear to ear across the top of the head and then split those in two. Start at the back of the head so your hands don’t tire too easily

*Pro Tip: Roughly dry your hair until it is about 80% dry. This eay you cut your drying time considerably

Dressy Ponytail


Step 1: Gently backcomb the root area for added lift

Step 2: Gather your hair in a low ponytail and gently smooth flyaways

*Pro Tip: Wrap a small piece of your ponytail around the base to hide the elastic and pin it in place

Modern Bouffant


Step 1: Gather your hair at the nape and twist your hair in a counter clockwise direction

Step 2: Lift the ponytail as you twist keeping it close to the scalp

Step 3: Pin with grips or bobby pins that match your hair color to hold the shape

Step 4: Tuck any excess into the twist for a smooth finish

Half Up – Half Down


Step 1: Section hair from ear to ear and backcomb the crown area for lift and volume.  Pin the top section to create lift as shown. You can make it as full or demure as you’d like!

Step 2: Smooth flyaways and ends for a classic look.

Hair and Makeup: Walter Fuentes of WAFU Artistry |

Photography: Jorge Rivas |

Model: Tara Oefinger of The Dragonfly Agency