FEATURE : Elizabeth Sawatzky courtesy of The Campbell Agency

Model Features

Summer is finally starting to settle in. Bright and long sunny days make it so easy to enjoy the outdoors and have a more laissez-faire attitude towards beauty.

We recently worked with beautiful Elizabeth in a series showcasing lovely and feminine clothing in a setting that was like a small Secret Garden. Photographed by Shannon Touchstone and styled by Danielle Brown, Elizabeth easily transitioned into a very soft and almost playful self.

Because we were photoshooting outside in very humid weather, I decided to work with nature’s canvas and utilize the dewiness in her skin and flyaways to add a carefree almost bohemian feel to her look.

Her hair was was prepped with Bumble and Bumble Prep Spray and City Swept Spray to reveal texture, prime it for the waving wand heat, and to add a bit of weight. 



The hair was then waved with a Paul Mitchell Neuro Unclipped 1.25″ Cone counterclockwise in the same direction away from the face beginning at the front hairline.



The hair was then finger raked to loosen the waves. I added two pumps of Wella Oil Reflections to add shine, reveal highlights and lowlights in her hair color and to add a bit of polish. I also used this lightweight non greasy oil on her legs and arms for a subtle glow.


Elizabeth has great skin and I wanted to enhance with a bit solar protection and color. I used Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in Medium in the center of the face and shade Medium/Deep on the perimeter of the face to add a bit of lived in tan effect.



The lips and cheeks were tinted with YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil in shades Drive Me Copper and Oh My Gold. I love these lip tints for a sheer wash of color with a non sticky feel. No lipliner needed!


Summer is all about being social with a casual and easy breezy feel. I hope you enjoy these products as much I did!






Hair and Makeup : Walter Fuentes of The Campbell Agency | http://www.wafuartistry.com

Photography : Shannon Touchstone

Fashion Styling: Danielle Brown, The Campbell Agency

Muse: Elizabeth Sawatzky,  The Campbell Agency

Summer Fashion & Beauty Trends to try!


Inspired by Spring/Summer 2014 fashion trends, our team developed a fresh and clean photo session featuring beautiful Jade Ava.

White can be a great color to wear during the summer to keep you cool and to look modern. Crisp white is a big trend in fashion right now and can be worn in a fitted dress as shown here.



You can opt for a tailored pant suit as well.



Bold pops of color were spotted strutting down the runway this season.  Add a pop of color to your white with a handbag, accesory or makeup in cobalt blue, sorbet orange, or radiant orchid. 

Another big trend that I am quite fond of is a bold floral and colorful print.  Fashion stylist Ashley Kim arranged this outfit to showcase this trend.


I recommend trying a beautiful dewy finish to your foundation to showcase a bold lip. I used Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer to achieve a healthy glow. I especially love this product because it is sheer and looks like skin but has enough light coverage to hide imperfections.  The SPF 20 is an added bonus. The lipstick color was custom mixed by using OCC Lip Tar in Yellow, Red, and Brown.


Another way to show some flair is by adding a bit of color to your eyes. I opted to skip a traditional black liquid liner for a bold cobalt blue. This shade is MAC Fluidline in Waveline.  I love this type of liner because it wears durably especially in the summer heat.  I recommend a hint of complimentary blush and a lip balm to balance the look.


As the temperatures heat up, the last thing you want to do is spend hours crafting your hair in a muggy bathroom.  I recommend the use of sea salt sprays to add a bit of wave to emulate a beachy texture.   I misted Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray in her hair and diffused it with her head tilted down to create texture. I then gathered it at the nape of the neck, twisted a couple of times as if creating a bun and pinned it in place.


As the night comes around, you don’t have to compromise comfort for style.  Ashley Kim dressed our model in a plunging back LBD. Show off your tan by gently exfoliating your body with my favorite body scrub 100% Pure Body Scrub. I love it for its smell, chemical free formula and price.


Break out a bold pop of color with your LBD. I paired a sultry smokey eye in Dove Grey by using the NARS Delphes Trio Palette and a black eyeliner.   Complement the look with a pop of red with a daring like the one used on Jade. I recommend Rouge Dior in N°999.


Enjoy and take a colorful risk!


Hair and Makeup: Walter Fuentes of WAFU Artistry | http://www.wafuartistry.com

Photography: Nicollette Mollet | http://www.nicollettemollet.com

Fashion Styling: Ashley Kim | http://www.iaagency.com

Model: Jade Ava Armstrong

FASHION FLASHBACK FRIDAY: 5th Annual Gala Evening of Hope Benefiting AIDS Outreach Center


May 31, 2014 was a special date set aside to host a wonderful annual celebration for a beautiful cause.  The occasion benefited AIDS Outreach Center and those supporters and donors that lend their hand to make an impact on such a great cause.

The evening offered a wonderful runway show featuring the brilliant designs of Geoffrey Henning.  The mood was set to the tone of the daring 60’s. Geometry, fluid lines and flowy silhouettes were all the buzz.

I had the honor of leading hairdressers backstage in creating the look for this night.  As a team, Juan Lerma of Amrel Styling and I conceived a look that would be true to the era yet modern.  After a bit of brainstorming, we agreed to pay homage with an iconic bouffant.



The look was to be replicated on 14 models provided by The Campbell Agency before being whisked to makeup for a bold and graphic mod eyeliner in black and white.  Usually, when I do a runway hair test, I like to practice ideas or techniques on a long hair mannequin before proceeding to a live model the day of the show.

This is the finished look which consisted of a smooth French twist combined with a bouffant crown and a deep swooped side part. Follow the journey of how this look was created!




When working with exaggerated silhouettes or bigger volumes, I like to use padding or “rats” as a foundation to the style to create density and use less back combing.

Hair padding this large can be difficult to find.  Outfitting this many models can also add up in cost.  So, naturally, I just make my own!

I always have Kanekalon fibers on hand in every color since they create a great filler.  I always look for the brand Zury since I find that it is soft, matte, and malleable.  You can find it at any beauty supply store and generally runs about $2.99 a bag.



I also keep hair nets in stock for session styling and bridal work.  I particularly prefer the Jac-O-Net brand since it is sheer and strong. I also keep this in shades like blonde, light and dark brown, silver, white, and black.  You can also find these at any beauty supply store and usually run about $.50 each.



I cut the bundle of hair into 2 pieces for more control.


Take one piece and roll it onto itself to create a little roll.



Next, I place the roll into a hair net and twist the ends to tighten them.  This creates a little sealed pocket for the padding to sit in.  Pinch the ends and tuck them into the roll.





I created several in different colors to match the model’s hair color.



Hair that is smooth works best for this look. I prepped the hair using Kenra Professional Volume Styling Foam and Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press to protect from the smoothing iron heat.

Isolate a small triangle section at the front hairline measuring from temple to temple.  This will be your swoop fringe.  Section the hair from ear to ear through the crown of the head. Isolate these 2 sections.

Overdirect all of the bottom section to the left.  Find the center of the head and pin in a straight line with your pins facing upwards.  This will create a spine for support and avoid the pins slipping out.



Now, take your padding and pin it vertically against the spine you have just created.  Try to mold your padding onto the shape of the head and do not let it sit too low on the nape as it will show in the finished style.




Now, overdirect all of the hair back to the right and cover the padding.  This will simulate a voluminous French Twist. Have loose ends? Tuck them into in the roll and padding.



Lightly backcomb the crown area to create a bit of height.  Secure another pad horizontally across the head.


Now direct all of the top hair back and pin at the top of the French Twist.

2014-06-26 06.58.48

Make sure that all of the hair smooth.  Check for balance, symmetry, and proportion.

Release the front triangle section and smooth over with a smoothing iron in the way you would like the swoop to go in.  This look was more modern so the swoop sensually covered the eyebrow and part of the eye.  Part of the ear was covered as well and was pinned into the French Twist in the back.

Once everything is in its place, mist with a finishing spray for hold.  I used Kenra Professional #26 Finishing Spray.

2014-06-26 07.39.39


There you have it! I hope you try it on your next photo shoot or client.


Here are a few backstage photos:)




Creating the first look and showing the team of hairdressers a step by step









Here is the look on the runway:










Hair: Walter Fuentes of WAFU Artistry | http://www.wafuartistry.com , Rachel Grace and Levi Monarch of Toni and Guy

Makeup: Jerrad Trahan, Amber Lynne, Amanda Olson

Fashion Styling: Juan Lerma using Geoffrey Henning

Photos courtesy of Fashion Scoop Daily http:// http://fashionscoopdaily.co/

Models courtesy of The Campbell Agency http://www.thecampbellagency.com