‘VISCOUS BEAUTY’ Ellements Magazine, November 2016 

Published Editorials

As a child, I remember playing outside on a hot summer day and being distracted by mysterious rings of color on the ground. Faint mirages and nuances that would appear and dissappear depending on the angle I stood over them. 
As an adult, especially on rainy days, those same rings appear often and remind me of my childlike wonder of those apparitions. Oil spills are generally not regarded as beautiful or beneficial. To an artist like me, however, they have always caught my attention due to their prismatic color effects.

This fueled the development of a beauty series photographed during my latest visit to Los Angeles. Michael Dirlam a wonderful friend and beauty photographer helped bring this to life. Kate Harrison courtesy of Freedom LA Models powerfully carries tones and nuances alluding to this effect.

Hydrophilic skin, glossy textures and metallic reflects all create an ethereal air to these makeup looks. 

The skin was prepared using a blend of balms and squalane oil to create a hyper moisturized effect. Giorgio Armani Prima Glow On Moisturizing Balm was my go-to product of choice because it maintains the same glow throughout the day.

Eyelids were bathed in light washes of silver, pewter, salmon, verdigris and charcoal. 

OCC Makeup Loose Colour Concentrates in Clove, Datura and Jubilee were pressed into the eyelid area immediately after moisturizing the area as to preserve the moisture effect behind the pigment.

To mirror the effect that a fresh oil spill evokes, I layered more pigments in different hues around the eyes and patted a generous layer of Kevyn Aucoin The Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss.

I love this product for its lightweight non-tacky texture. It transforms any eyeshadow or pigment into a high shine patent leather texture. I like to warm it up with my fingertips and then gently pat on the area of the face that will show off most light. 

One of the most impactful features of this story are these opalescent and rich black inky lips. I used BITE Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Black Truffle

This was layered with the Kevyn Aucoin The Exotique Diamond Eye Gloss and then I gently pressed a mixture of pigments into the center of the lips as to create a highlighted effect. 

I hope this inspires you to go out and experiment with the textures that surround you. Enjoy the rest of the editorial below!


Photographed by Michael Dirlam

Hair & Makeup by Walter Fuentes 

Musr: Kate Harrison courtesy of Freedom Models LA


“ALONG THE LINES” with Jorge Rivas and Allison Ponthier

Model Features

How does the old adage go? “Don’t reinvent the wheel?” “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it?”

Although that may apply in some situations, that never applies to beauty! Especially eyeliner.

In this session photographed in New York City by my talented friend and photographer Jorge Rivas, we explore the possibilities of angles and lines. I have always been drawn to the need of making things symmetrical and then turning around to destroy it. It’s a known issue and I’m working on it:)

Liner is one of the easiest ways to “dress up” your face. Feline flicks. avant garde geometry, dots, smokey, vertical, diagonal. The possibilities are endless. It is my belief that every woman can wear liner when the correct one is chosen for their eye shape and occasion. One thing that helps me understand trends is looking at catwalk photos.


Via Elle.com

The looks can be minimal or full on lined. That is up to you. Here are a few tricks I find help me and that will help you ease the nerves.

1.If you end up with wings that don’t match up, start by drawing two dots at the point where you want your liner to END. As you line, you will know exactly where you have to end the lines when you draw them.

2. Make sure you chose the correct product and tool for you. If you want a diffused liner like this, a soft crayon liner or shadow will do the trick. Make sure to blend into the lash line with a cotton bud for better staying power and polished feel. My favorite soft pencils are NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Via De Martelli for a soft cool brown shadow and Chanel Le Crayon Yeaux in Noir for a creamy pencil that glides along the sensitive water line.


Hair & Makeup: Walter Fuentes; Photo: Roy Choudhury; Model: Katie Tull

If you want a bolder and sharper look, try using a liner pen like Maybelline Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Eyeliner. The advantage to this is that you can just use it as you would any writing utensil to create precise lines. To create more abstract lines or shapes, a gel cream liner with angled brush like Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner is perfect.



The newest trend in eyeliner is “tight lining”. This involves lining the inner rim of the eyes to create a deep and sooty look. Try using a waterproof and safe for the inner eye product like Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner. Raise your chin and place your nondominant index finger above the outer corner of your eye, lifting upward. Then, holding the pencil vertically in your other hand, trace back and forth under your lashes. Go over it a few times, and stop before you reach the inner corners to ensure your eyes don’t look closed off and tiny. Repeat on the bottom rim and finish with a healthy dose of volumizing mascara.

3. Darken the roots of your top lashes. Gently pull your top lid taut by pressing one finger on the outer corner. Bury the tip of the pencil deep into your lashes at the outer corner of your eye, wiggling it back and forth as you move inward. Take your time and don’t be afraid to really mash the tip into your lashes.

If you move during the tricky lining part or make the lines too thick for your taste, don’t fret. It’s just makeup! I LOVE to clean up with Almay Oil Free Makeup Eraser Sticks. They are in a convenient cotton bud solution and will not disturb the rest of your makeup.


Now that you know the pro tips and tricks, please enjoy this session as we did while creating it!

Allison Ponthier, of RE:Quest Models NYC, has perfect skin! In order to prepare her for her closeup, I cleansed the skin with my favorite micellar water, KohGenDo Spa Water and Organic Cotton and moisturized with Kensignton Apothecary Pure Soothing Facial Oil #3.





Photography: Jorge Rivas

Hair and MakeupWalter Fuentes

Model: Allison Ponthier at RE: Quest Models

FEATURE: Nina Shaw courtesy of Kim Dawson Agency

Model Features

Vivacious. Flirty. Edgy.

These are some of the feelings that Nina Shaw evoked during our latest session photographed by Samantha Beatty.

Rich and textured clothing curated by Carlos Parada of OnSet Management set the tone for a beautiful and demure palette. Soft leather, shiny gold, fluffy wool, and structured silks created a backdrop for exotic hair and makeup looks.


Satin shadows in muted brown based violets were paired with a nude glossy lip to complement the structured look.  For this I used Tom Ford Eyeshadow Quad in Disco Dust. Shape the eye by concentrating the darkest tone of this palette along the lashline and outer corner of the eye.


Reminiscent of Naomi Campbell during the glamorous decade of the supermodel, we decided to amp up the look in with a dramatic smokey eye and wine colored gloss.  My favorite of the moment is Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Lacquer in Night Berry. I love the hybrid technology of a lip gloss, stain, and lipstick this product offers. The shade range is beautiful as well.


Juxtaposing a shattered and weathered bob against the sumptuousness of this ostrich leather dress by Alice and Olivia was one of my favorite highlights of this session.  In order to achieve this arid and collapsible hair texture, I power blow dried the hair using Bumble and bumble Surf Spray in order to give a gritty and almost sand weathered texture.  The hair was then detailed with Kevin Murphy Rough.Rider for a strong and super matte hold.



Enjoy the rest of this luxurious session and style away!









Photography:  Samantha Beatty

Hair and Makeup: Walter Fuentes of WAFU Artistry

Fashion Styling: Carlos Alonso Parada  ON Set Management

Model: Nina Shaw at Kim Dawson Agency


MARIE for Pigeons and Peacocks Magazine

Published Editorials

Waiting with anticipation for spring is not only obvious but fun. Dreaming of fresh new experiences, color, and energy.

This was the goal and feel for our most recent editorial featuring alluring Marie Boone. Pigeons and Peacocks Magazine gracefully showcased our work online among other beautifully designed editorials.

Tor Matthey curated an impeccable wardrobe by mixing unexpected textures and colors to keep the mood light and fresh. Reebok, Opening Ceremony, Adidas, Alexis Bittar among others created an relaxed but fashionable feel.


To keep in line with the palette and to showcase what is happening on the catwalks, I decided to bring light whispers of couture color.


One of my favorite shadows,
Chanel Illusion d’Ombre Long Wearing Eyeshadow in Fantasme, was used to create an interesting wash of color. The shade is a beautifully reflective silver with reflects to brighten up the eye.



Alternately, one of the hottest shades for makeup in 2016 is anything in the range of a light violet. Think periwinkle, lilac, bluebonnet, or even light amethyst. For this look, I used Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow Fresh Effect Shadow in Campanule. This set of shade sticks glide effortlessly, stay put, and come in multiple flattering shades.


Enjoy the rest of the editorial and experiment with a bit of color on your makeup wardrobe.










Photography: Samantha Beatty | http://http://www.samanthacolliecreative.com/

Hair & Makeup: Walter Fuentes | http://www.wafuartistry.com

Fashion Styling: Tor Matthey at IA Agency http://www.thisistor.com

Muse: Marie Boone with The Page Parkes Agency

VAGABOND featuring Tony Trahan

Model Features

Gathering inspiration from our surroundings is a given when it comes to creating. Nature, books, and media can offer literally thousands of images to spark endless hours of day dreaming.

Sometimes beauty ideals can be derived from less than likely sources. For me, there is a certain beauty in being nomadic. Transient. To be alone with your thoughts and your experiences. Sun burnt skin, waxen locks, and stubble that has become a fashionable welcome into your routine.





These nuances take center stage in this beautiful series featuring Tony Trahan. Vintage clothing sourced by fashion stylist Jamie Gorden elevated the mood photographed by Calvin VonDara.

Tony’s hair (which was a fun extension project to achieve the length) was styled to create a lived in wavy, ropey, almost dread-locked effect. My go to product for this effect is Wella Ocean Spritz Texture Spray. I mist the midshaft and ends of dry hair until damp. I then dried the hair with a diffuser on a low setting. I repeated these steps 3 times in order to achieve a lived in effect.




Skin that has been parched, weathered, and bronzed by the scorching sun has a certain beauty to it as well. There is an increase in pigment that has a ruddines to it. I achieved this effect by first protecting Tony’s skin with my favorite primer containing SPF, Chantecaille Anti Glycation SPF Primer.


To emulate the rudiness on his skin, I decided to layer various veils or washes of color for a non powdery effect.

I began by stippling and buffing a BB Cream 3 shades warmer that his skin around the perimeter of his face. I used Maybelline Fresh BB in Shade Medium/Deep with a MAC Duo Fibre .


I used the same brush with the remaining product and buff a small amount of Dior Nude Air Tan in Shades Cinnamon and Golden Honey.  I found that if the dual fibre brush was damp, it almost melted the already satin product into the skin. I distributed the colors as shown in the pattern diagrammed below.



I hope you enjoy the series as much as we did while creating it!















Hair and Makeup : Walter Fuentes of The Campbell Agency |http://www.wafuartistry.com

Photography: Calvin VonDara

Fashion Styling: Jamie Gorden & Brocke Lyons

Model: Tony Trahan courtesy of The Campbell Agency

“Black Lilium” HUF Magazine, January 2015

Published Editorials

I hope the new year is settling in well for you and that you had a flawless holiday.

What a better way to ring in the new year than with a newly published editorial!

We had the opportunity to work with Kelly Gillespie (courtesy of The Kim Dawson Agency in Dallas, Texas) on this project.

The set and styling were very minimal as to evoke clean lines and and sense of bareness. The emotion is a bit more somber and pensive as the winter approaches.  A human left to fend to the elements.  During this photo session,  Kelly magnificently channeled a sense of solitude and minimalism to enhance the clothing styled by Jamie Gorden of Seaminx Managament.

Sooty black, gritty grays, and blown out platinum was our palette for the day so I decided to magnify that by utilizing texture in the hair to create contrast.


Generously applying Privé Volumizing Dry Shampoo at the root and blowdrying it as I massaged it in created a “padded” texture for the texture.


The hair was then lightly backcombed and sprayed with Privé Finishing Texture Spray to create an airy hold. I love this hair spray because it allows you to control and manipulate the hair without becoming sticky or flakey. Plus the sense is addictive!

The skin was hydrated and primed with Chantecaille Anti Glycation Primer for a flawless and barely there look.


The Dior 5 COULEURS COUTURE COLOURS & EFFECTS EYESHADOW PALETTE in 30 Montaigne was used to create contour and highlight since black and white photography was going to be used.


Enjoy the rest of the series. Happy 2015!











Hair and Makeup: Walter Fuentes of The Campbell Agency | http://www.wafuartistry.com

Photography: Sergio Garcia http://www.sergiogarciastudios.com

Fashion Stylist: Jamie Gorden of http://www.seaminx.com

Muse: Kelly Gillespie http://www.kimdawson.com

THROWBACK THURSDAY: “Strandz” Dark Beauty Magazine 2013

Published Editorials

I clearly remember Mrs. Cunyus, my 5th grade teacher, and the moment she mentioned clouds and outer space. I was the kid that would read and shuffle through National Geographics, atlases, and encyclopedias at any chance that I got.

I have always, like I imagine man has since the dawn of time, wondered how the stars got there.  How do they dance so effortlessly? Do they know I am looking at them? How old are they? Do they really listen to my wishes?

This collection was created from one single image.  This image inspired me because it stands alone.  It’s perfection is not something you have to explain.  You just stare.  Every time I see it, I get lost in it and find some new pattern.  Sometimes I see a lady in waiting, sometimes a Phoenix, and sometimes a sunflower.


In order to prepare a palette for this project, I read and researched a bit more on nebulas and constellations.  Below are the ones that most inspired me.  Take a moment to really analyze them. What do you see? How many shapes and colors can you distinguish? Can you get lost in them?

Ghostscript 24 bit color image dumpGhostscript 24 bit color image dump

















outer space red lights stars galaxies nebulae bright v838 mons 1600x1750 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_30

Hand colored human hair mixed with small layers of string were used to create these sculptural pieces. The collection, modeled by my dear friend, Diana Carl, was a project that took over a month to finish. Beautiful precious jewels provided by Holly Wittenberg, accentuated the collection.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we did while creating it!
















Hair and Makeup: Walter Fuentes of WAFU Artistry |

Photography: Jorge Rivas |

Styling: Holly Wittenberg

Muse: Diana Carl |

“Le Pop de Coleur” Beauty Editorial, Zélé Magazine June 2014


Happy first week of summer!

Now that the temperatures are rising and staying that way for a while, we decided to cool off indoors by photographing beautiful Allison Ponthier, courtesy of The Dragonfly Agency.

This session showcases bold pops of color, nature, and a fresh dewy take on this season’s trends for color.

In creating this look, I imagined what it was like the first time eyes were laid upon a rainforest native.

Imagine an explorer, weary of traveling, escaping near death in unknown territory.  He sailed for weeks to look for a rumored land of gold, gems, and cities of gods.

In his dreams, he dreamt of what people of this land looked like. Where they dark? Where they tall? Did they shave? Where they adorned?

As he journeyed further inland and cleared the bush with his machete, he hears the soft and angelic humming of a concubine.  He approached slowly and peeks through the lush green leaves to reveal a tribal princess looking for fruit.

Along with her is her best friend. A magical creature that shifts color.  They are so in tune that he changes as her emotions change.

This editorial was especially neat not only because there was a live chameleon on set but I got to showcase fresh pops of color.  **Please note that no animals were harmed during the course of this session**


The skin was cleansed and was moisturized with 6 drops of Pré de Provence Argan Oil.  A blend of MAC’s Gloss Texture with Le Métier de Beauté Peau Vierge Tinted Moisturizer was buffed onto the skin for a highly polished effect.  Fix+ was misted onto the face to “set” the high gloss look.


Faux freckles were flecked on with Makeup Forever’s Aqua Brow Gel. 3 different shades, 20, 25, and 30 were used to create small, dimensional,  and believable specs.



The look was topped off with a coat of electric blue mascara and matching manicure.

Lips colors in poppy, coral,  creamsickle, electric purple and hot pink created a beautiful contrast again a clean canvas and foliage.  This also coordinated when the chameleon changed colors.  It inspired me to see this creature change his coloration with adjacent colors.


The hair was braided with a strong center part to show off Allison’s beautiful oval shaped face.  The hair was saturated with Bumble and Bumble Gel for hold and shine.  The hair was secured at the base of the ear and a fishtail braid was constructed.  The elastic was hidden with thin straps of leather.

Enjoy the cover and the editorial spread!









Hair and Makeup: Walter Fuentes of WAFU Artistry | http://www.wafuartistry.com

Photography: Lalo Torres | http://www.lalotorres.com

Photography Assistant:  Roberto Inetti

Muse: Allison Ponthier, Rango the Chameleon

THROWBACK THURSDAY(NSFW): “Criminal” feauturing Lindsay Higgins for Fashionising.com


Beauty has always been relative to me. What we perceive is not always what is. Fleeting. Powerful. Delicate. Soft.

But there are times where it can be used to lure, entice, and enchant.  In this editorial, Lindsay Higgins, embodies a luxurious alpha female turned femme fatale who lures her prey with her perfect skin and body.  A mixture of fur, roses, and knee- high Yves Saint Laurent boots give this dimly lit hotel room a mysterious den feeling.

Expensive leather and lingerie fashion from La Perla, Bordelle, YSL, Christian Louboutin, and Les Jupons de Tesse add richness, details and depth to a milky complexion.

From voluminous waves to a high va va voom ponytail worthy of a Vegas showgirl, watch as she transforms from scene to scene finally exciting after the kill in a custom colored “Monroe” wig to conceal her identity.

The collection was feautured at http:// http://www.fashionising.com/pictures/b–lindsay-higgins-by-brandon-lyon-72345.html













Photography: Brandon Lyon | http:// www.brandonlyonphotography.com

Photography Assistants: Steven Chan & Patrick Kratz

Digital Tech: Brent Hughes

Set Design: Vanessa Badreddine

Fashion Styling: Juan Lerma

Makeup Artist: Shawn Cude | http:// www.shawncudemakeup.com/

Hair Stylist: Walter Fuentes of  WAFU Artistry | http://www.wafuartistry.com

Model: Lindsay Higgins http:// www.kimdawsonagency.com/

“Smoke and Mirrors” Fashion Editorial Glassbook Magazine, June 2014


Booze. Prohibition. Glamour. Youth. Silent Screen. Secrets. Bankruptcy. Jealousy. Roaring Twenties.

Sounds like a juicy story, huh?

Well, this is what was going through my imagination during the process of creating our newest fashion editorial for Glassbook Magazine, “Smoke and Mirrors”.

The year is 1925.  Glamour and opulence is norm of the day.  Sequin embroidered dresses with brocade imported from the Orient, ostrich plume lined cocktail dresses for a luncheon affair, and rouge à la Parisian showgirl is the look. Gold, fur, opalescence and expensive fabrics are every girl’s and guy’s dream wardrobe. Money, affluence, power, politics, social skills and beauty are all you needed to complete the package.

Vacation and summer homes Upstate complete with tennis courts, well stocked cellars full of champagne and clandestine whiskey, and decadent food like macaroons, passion fruit, and dessert confections are at your whim.

Leaving the hustle and bustle of a fast paced city, this group of “friends” retreats into the vast palatial “relaxed” version of their lives.

Gossip is a constant variable of this clique. “DID you hear that his dad is having an affair with a French ingenue?”  “Her parents are sending her away to London to a boarding school because she likes girls”  “He seems so sad when he drinks” “I heard the family is only worth the clothes on their backs”

As the week-long engagement ensues, lavish parties and costume changes occur.  This makes them feel at home.  The loud sound of jazz echoes through the house along with scent of smoke and opium.  For a small moment, this group of teenaged heirs and heiresses smile and play in a playground where they are far away from society’s grip. Anything goes. Expression of self and sharing of their youth bonds them.

After the end of a secret week of excess, they return. To their steel tycoon offices and lackluster arranged marriages to secure family wealth and status thus proving that not everything is what it seems. Smoke and mirrors.

I have always enjoyed looking through old photographs since I was young.  For this project, I chose to inspire myself by choosing 4 actual people who lived during this era.  These people led interesting lives and in my imagination I associated each model of this editorial as teen-aged versions of them.

The first is a moody, sultry, raven haired female.  Her name was Norma Talmadge.  The daughter of an unemployed alcoholic father and product of a broken home, Norma set out to explore the world.  She became a model at 14 and after several movie flops, she married a man with whom she opened a very successful movie production company in Hollywood.




Andrea Haag personified her deep sultry looks in this editorial.


Next, is the beautiful platinum blonde bombshell.  Anita Page was one of the most successful actresses of the silent screen.  She was referred to as the “blond blue-eyed Latin” and her face was considered the most beautiful to appear on-screen at that time.  She reportedly received more than 10,000 pieces of fan mail in one year. We share common bond because her family was from El Salvador in Central America, as is mine.



anita page1



The perfect model to channel Anita was Roxanna Redfoot.



A mixture of entertainment, beauty, erotica, and exotic made up the famous Josephine Baker.  Part cabaret dancer, part jazz, part business woman, she succeeded in becoming famous during her time. She became the first African-American female to star in a major motion picture in 1934.  Born a Creole, she applied and became a French citizen and was present during the U.S. Civil Rights movement.  Married four times, she decided to adopt children of different races to show she could have them all call each other “brother”.






Amber Griffin fits her exuberance perfectly.



No story worth telling is complete without a handsome playboy. Gary Cooper was a famous actor for his time appearing in over 100 films including westerns.  He was also a noteworthy playboy having affairs with famous women of the time such as Clara Bow, Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly, and Tallulah Bankhead.  He married Veronica Balfe, who played the woman who was terrorized by King Kong in the original film.





This suave alpha male was played by Trevor Burchett.



I wanted to pay homage to the great era through hair and makeup but not make it look “costume-y”.

Down turned eyebrows and smokey eyes in charcoal, plum, and mocha gave an instant moody effect worthy of a flapper girl.  Customary of that time was to curve the lip at the Cupid’s bow and make it appear pouty and doll-like.  I left the silhouette of the lips in a natural state concentrating on making the outer edges thinner and sharper for a more modern effect.  Tones in raspberry, plum, merlot, and rose matched a cooler palette to contrast the dewy skin finish.  Blusher in dusty rose, pale pink and mauve was painted downward on the face to keep it true to the time period.  Pailettes, or small hand cut glitter, was used on the eyes to give a sultry and vampy flapper vibe.



The hair was wet set in a finger wave pattern and pin curl pattern with Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam.  I prefer this foam as opposed to a setting lotion because it is lighter and conditions the hair. Custom colored wigs were cut into blunt bobs for a dramatic effect as well.

Here is the full editorial!





1920s_Nico_Walter_Mary2 (1)









I hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did creating it!



Hair and Makeup: Walter Fuentes of WAFU Artistry

Photography: Nicollette Mollet

Photography Assistant: Tyler Martin

Fashion Styling: Mary Mirsky

Styling Assistant: Allie Mora

Models: Courtesy of The Campbell Agency; Andrea Haag, Amber Griffin, Roxanna Redfoot, Trevor Burchett

Location: Warwick Melrose Hotel Dallas