INfluential Magazine July 2014: Easy Hairstyles in 10 minutes or less


It’s summer and the days are long and lazy. A lot of outdoor activities, minimal makeup, and easy breezy clothing are all the norm.

Paid an extra bit of change to get your hair blown out? Had it just colored and trimmed? Had an event over the weekend and got it professionally styled? Now to wash it out for the work week right?

Wrong! You dont have to sacrifice good hair for comfort!

In this month’s issue of INfluential Magazine, I give my little secrets tips on how to extend your blowout and nicely shampooed hair style by having different styles.

Try it out for your next dinner date, party or night out on the town too!

4 Styles to try

Volume Blowout



Step 1: Squeeze a small amount of the styling foam into your palm. I like to use Paul Mitchell Styling Foam for its soft hold and heat protection

Step 2: Rub your hands together and evenly and work it through damp hair

Step 3: Blow dry your hair with a round brush. I recommend sectioning your hair into 4 sections. Section from ear to ear across the top of the head and then split those in two. Start at the back of the head so your hands don’t tire too easily

*Pro Tip: Roughly dry your hair until it is about 80% dry. This eay you cut your drying time considerably

Dressy Ponytail


Step 1: Gently backcomb the root area for added lift

Step 2: Gather your hair in a low ponytail and gently smooth flyaways

*Pro Tip: Wrap a small piece of your ponytail around the base to hide the elastic and pin it in place

Modern Bouffant


Step 1: Gather your hair at the nape and twist your hair in a counter clockwise direction

Step 2: Lift the ponytail as you twist keeping it close to the scalp

Step 3: Pin with grips or bobby pins that match your hair color to hold the shape

Step 4: Tuck any excess into the twist for a smooth finish

Half Up – Half Down


Step 1: Section hair from ear to ear and backcomb the crown area for lift and volume.  Pin the top section to create lift as shown. You can make it as full or demure as you’d like!

Step 2: Smooth flyaways and ends for a classic look.

Hair and Makeup: Walter Fuentes of WAFU Artistry |

Photography: Jorge Rivas |

Model: Tara Oefinger of The Dragonfly Agency



Working in a world full of constant measures and ideals of perfection and stature can take a toll on you if your values are not firmly planted.

I am thankful for being a man that works in the beauty industry because it has offered me a glimpse into the psyche and notions of what is considered beautiful and acceptable.

Being from a Latin family, it is the norm to accept, and almost expect, color, boldness, flavor, and curves.  I recall my mom’s passport photo vividly.  She was in her early twenties when the photo was taken. I remember her raven black curly hair, matte porcelain skin, groomed eyebrows and turqoise eyeshadow offset by a dusty rose lipstick.

She has always been simple in dress, not showing too much skin, and accepting of her “non American” body frame.

I remember eating a large sandwich at a friend’s house and coming home after studying.  I walked in and she offered me more food. “You look hungry. You’re getting so thin. You need to be robust”.

This has stuck with me because I have to constantly tell myself when working on set that we all come in different sizes. That I grew up around curves but now I work around sample sized models that fit beautifully in the clothing designs.

I am very lucky to work with all sized women (and men) from all lifestyles and walks of life. Actors, models, brides, mothers-to-be, professionals, and young high schoolers.

I have made many model friends that happen to be women. Real women. Some with curves. Some a size 2. Some with a wider nose. Some with small cup sizes. Shoe size 10 and some with back and knee problems.

But what resonates with me is that they all share one thing. I meet them with aspirations and goals. With feelings and fights just like everyone else.

Why does it have to be “plus size”? Why does it have a stigma? Shouldn’t it be about empowerment? What values you carry?

I guess men seem to be different.  I rarely hear one guy say about another guy “He’s just so big!” “What does he get off being that size and wearing that?” “I don’t want to be in the picture because I feel fat”

I am constantly drawn to and inspired by women that live and accept their figure. Here are a couple of my all time favorites:

Maria Felix: One of the most beautiful and famous Mexican actresses



Dolores Del Rio: Considered among the most beautiful women in the 20’s, actress and singer, socialite,  philanthropist


Sophia Loren: Arguably one of the most beautiful and famous icons. Italian curves, actress and model


Marilyn Monroe: Iconic and glamorous she will always be known as America’s sweetheart




Queen Latifah


Kate Upton: Has opened and closed many runway shows including Billabong and Guess


Jennie Runk: Here she is for H&M in a 2013 Swimwear Campaign


Georgina Burke


I had the honor of working with Bailey Culbreth, a plus sized model recently signed with MSA Models. Not only is she beautiful but she allowed herself to follow her instinct and pursue full figured modeling.

Here is her film:)











Be fit. Be healthy.  Be you. We all have differences that are unique. Embrace your body and love yourself.  This is what truly radiates as beauty!


Hair and Makeup: Walter Fuentes of WAFU Artistry

Photography: Nicollette Mollet

Styling: Nicole Johnson

Muse: Bailey Culbreth


FASHION FLASHBACK FRIDAY: 5th Annual Gala Evening of Hope Benefiting AIDS Outreach Center


May 31, 2014 was a special date set aside to host a wonderful annual celebration for a beautiful cause.  The occasion benefited AIDS Outreach Center and those supporters and donors that lend their hand to make an impact on such a great cause.

The evening offered a wonderful runway show featuring the brilliant designs of Geoffrey Henning.  The mood was set to the tone of the daring 60’s. Geometry, fluid lines and flowy silhouettes were all the buzz.

I had the honor of leading hairdressers backstage in creating the look for this night.  As a team, Juan Lerma of Amrel Styling and I conceived a look that would be true to the era yet modern.  After a bit of brainstorming, we agreed to pay homage with an iconic bouffant.



The look was to be replicated on 14 models provided by The Campbell Agency before being whisked to makeup for a bold and graphic mod eyeliner in black and white.  Usually, when I do a runway hair test, I like to practice ideas or techniques on a long hair mannequin before proceeding to a live model the day of the show.

This is the finished look which consisted of a smooth French twist combined with a bouffant crown and a deep swooped side part. Follow the journey of how this look was created!




When working with exaggerated silhouettes or bigger volumes, I like to use padding or “rats” as a foundation to the style to create density and use less back combing.

Hair padding this large can be difficult to find.  Outfitting this many models can also add up in cost.  So, naturally, I just make my own!

I always have Kanekalon fibers on hand in every color since they create a great filler.  I always look for the brand Zury since I find that it is soft, matte, and malleable.  You can find it at any beauty supply store and generally runs about $2.99 a bag.



I also keep hair nets in stock for session styling and bridal work.  I particularly prefer the Jac-O-Net brand since it is sheer and strong. I also keep this in shades like blonde, light and dark brown, silver, white, and black.  You can also find these at any beauty supply store and usually run about $.50 each.



I cut the bundle of hair into 2 pieces for more control.


Take one piece and roll it onto itself to create a little roll.



Next, I place the roll into a hair net and twist the ends to tighten them.  This creates a little sealed pocket for the padding to sit in.  Pinch the ends and tuck them into the roll.





I created several in different colors to match the model’s hair color.



Hair that is smooth works best for this look. I prepped the hair using Kenra Professional Volume Styling Foam and Paul Mitchell Hot Off The Press to protect from the smoothing iron heat.

Isolate a small triangle section at the front hairline measuring from temple to temple.  This will be your swoop fringe.  Section the hair from ear to ear through the crown of the head. Isolate these 2 sections.

Overdirect all of the bottom section to the left.  Find the center of the head and pin in a straight line with your pins facing upwards.  This will create a spine for support and avoid the pins slipping out.



Now, take your padding and pin it vertically against the spine you have just created.  Try to mold your padding onto the shape of the head and do not let it sit too low on the nape as it will show in the finished style.




Now, overdirect all of the hair back to the right and cover the padding.  This will simulate a voluminous French Twist. Have loose ends? Tuck them into in the roll and padding.



Lightly backcomb the crown area to create a bit of height.  Secure another pad horizontally across the head.


Now direct all of the top hair back and pin at the top of the French Twist.

2014-06-26 06.58.48

Make sure that all of the hair smooth.  Check for balance, symmetry, and proportion.

Release the front triangle section and smooth over with a smoothing iron in the way you would like the swoop to go in.  This look was more modern so the swoop sensually covered the eyebrow and part of the eye.  Part of the ear was covered as well and was pinned into the French Twist in the back.

Once everything is in its place, mist with a finishing spray for hold.  I used Kenra Professional #26 Finishing Spray.

2014-06-26 07.39.39


There you have it! I hope you try it on your next photo shoot or client.


Here are a few backstage photos:)




Creating the first look and showing the team of hairdressers a step by step









Here is the look on the runway:










Hair: Walter Fuentes of WAFU Artistry | , Rachel Grace and Levi Monarch of Toni and Guy

Makeup: Jerrad Trahan, Amber Lynne, Amanda Olson

Fashion Styling: Juan Lerma using Geoffrey Henning

Photos courtesy of Fashion Scoop Daily http://

Models courtesy of The Campbell Agency














“Le Pop de Coleur” Beauty Editorial, Zélé Magazine June 2014


Happy first week of summer!

Now that the temperatures are rising and staying that way for a while, we decided to cool off indoors by photographing beautiful Allison Ponthier, courtesy of The Dragonfly Agency.

This session showcases bold pops of color, nature, and a fresh dewy take on this season’s trends for color.

In creating this look, I imagined what it was like the first time eyes were laid upon a rainforest native.

Imagine an explorer, weary of traveling, escaping near death in unknown territory.  He sailed for weeks to look for a rumored land of gold, gems, and cities of gods.

In his dreams, he dreamt of what people of this land looked like. Where they dark? Where they tall? Did they shave? Where they adorned?

As he journeyed further inland and cleared the bush with his machete, he hears the soft and angelic humming of a concubine.  He approached slowly and peeks through the lush green leaves to reveal a tribal princess looking for fruit.

Along with her is her best friend. A magical creature that shifts color.  They are so in tune that he changes as her emotions change.

This editorial was especially neat not only because there was a live chameleon on set but I got to showcase fresh pops of color.  **Please note that no animals were harmed during the course of this session**


The skin was cleansed and was moisturized with 6 drops of Pré de Provence Argan Oil.  A blend of MAC’s Gloss Texture with Le Métier de Beauté Peau Vierge Tinted Moisturizer was buffed onto the skin for a highly polished effect.  Fix+ was misted onto the face to “set” the high gloss look.


Faux freckles were flecked on with Makeup Forever’s Aqua Brow Gel. 3 different shades, 20, 25, and 30 were used to create small, dimensional,  and believable specs.



The look was topped off with a coat of electric blue mascara and matching manicure.

Lips colors in poppy, coral,  creamsickle, electric purple and hot pink created a beautiful contrast again a clean canvas and foliage.  This also coordinated when the chameleon changed colors.  It inspired me to see this creature change his coloration with adjacent colors.


The hair was braided with a strong center part to show off Allison’s beautiful oval shaped face.  The hair was saturated with Bumble and Bumble Gel for hold and shine.  The hair was secured at the base of the ear and a fishtail braid was constructed.  The elastic was hidden with thin straps of leather.

Enjoy the cover and the editorial spread!









Hair and Makeup: Walter Fuentes of WAFU Artistry |

Photography: Lalo Torres |

Photography Assistant:  Roberto Inetti

Muse: Allison Ponthier, Rango the Chameleon

THROWBACK THURSDAY(NSFW): “Criminal” feauturing Lindsay Higgins for


Beauty has always been relative to me. What we perceive is not always what is. Fleeting. Powerful. Delicate. Soft.

But there are times where it can be used to lure, entice, and enchant.  In this editorial, Lindsay Higgins, embodies a luxurious alpha female turned femme fatale who lures her prey with her perfect skin and body.  A mixture of fur, roses, and knee- high Yves Saint Laurent boots give this dimly lit hotel room a mysterious den feeling.

Expensive leather and lingerie fashion from La Perla, Bordelle, YSL, Christian Louboutin, and Les Jupons de Tesse add richness, details and depth to a milky complexion.

From voluminous waves to a high va va voom ponytail worthy of a Vegas showgirl, watch as she transforms from scene to scene finally exciting after the kill in a custom colored “Monroe” wig to conceal her identity.

The collection was feautured at http://–lindsay-higgins-by-brandon-lyon-72345.html













Photography: Brandon Lyon | http://

Photography Assistants: Steven Chan & Patrick Kratz

Digital Tech: Brent Hughes

Set Design: Vanessa Badreddine

Fashion Styling: Juan Lerma

Makeup Artist: Shawn Cude | http://

Hair Stylist: Walter Fuentes of  WAFU Artistry |

Model: Lindsay Higgins http://

“Smoke and Mirrors” Fashion Editorial Glassbook Magazine, June 2014


Booze. Prohibition. Glamour. Youth. Silent Screen. Secrets. Bankruptcy. Jealousy. Roaring Twenties.

Sounds like a juicy story, huh?

Well, this is what was going through my imagination during the process of creating our newest fashion editorial for Glassbook Magazine, “Smoke and Mirrors”.

The year is 1925.  Glamour and opulence is norm of the day.  Sequin embroidered dresses with brocade imported from the Orient, ostrich plume lined cocktail dresses for a luncheon affair, and rouge à la Parisian showgirl is the look. Gold, fur, opalescence and expensive fabrics are every girl’s and guy’s dream wardrobe. Money, affluence, power, politics, social skills and beauty are all you needed to complete the package.

Vacation and summer homes Upstate complete with tennis courts, well stocked cellars full of champagne and clandestine whiskey, and decadent food like macaroons, passion fruit, and dessert confections are at your whim.

Leaving the hustle and bustle of a fast paced city, this group of “friends” retreats into the vast palatial “relaxed” version of their lives.

Gossip is a constant variable of this clique. “DID you hear that his dad is having an affair with a French ingenue?”  “Her parents are sending her away to London to a boarding school because she likes girls”  “He seems so sad when he drinks” “I heard the family is only worth the clothes on their backs”

As the week-long engagement ensues, lavish parties and costume changes occur.  This makes them feel at home.  The loud sound of jazz echoes through the house along with scent of smoke and opium.  For a small moment, this group of teenaged heirs and heiresses smile and play in a playground where they are far away from society’s grip. Anything goes. Expression of self and sharing of their youth bonds them.

After the end of a secret week of excess, they return. To their steel tycoon offices and lackluster arranged marriages to secure family wealth and status thus proving that not everything is what it seems. Smoke and mirrors.

I have always enjoyed looking through old photographs since I was young.  For this project, I chose to inspire myself by choosing 4 actual people who lived during this era.  These people led interesting lives and in my imagination I associated each model of this editorial as teen-aged versions of them.

The first is a moody, sultry, raven haired female.  Her name was Norma Talmadge.  The daughter of an unemployed alcoholic father and product of a broken home, Norma set out to explore the world.  She became a model at 14 and after several movie flops, she married a man with whom she opened a very successful movie production company in Hollywood.




Andrea Haag personified her deep sultry looks in this editorial.


Next, is the beautiful platinum blonde bombshell.  Anita Page was one of the most successful actresses of the silent screen.  She was referred to as the “blond blue-eyed Latin” and her face was considered the most beautiful to appear on-screen at that time.  She reportedly received more than 10,000 pieces of fan mail in one year. We share common bond because her family was from El Salvador in Central America, as is mine.



anita page1



The perfect model to channel Anita was Roxanna Redfoot.



A mixture of entertainment, beauty, erotica, and exotic made up the famous Josephine Baker.  Part cabaret dancer, part jazz, part business woman, she succeeded in becoming famous during her time. She became the first African-American female to star in a major motion picture in 1934.  Born a Creole, she applied and became a French citizen and was present during the U.S. Civil Rights movement.  Married four times, she decided to adopt children of different races to show she could have them all call each other “brother”.






Amber Griffin fits her exuberance perfectly.



No story worth telling is complete without a handsome playboy. Gary Cooper was a famous actor for his time appearing in over 100 films including westerns.  He was also a noteworthy playboy having affairs with famous women of the time such as Clara Bow, Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly, and Tallulah Bankhead.  He married Veronica Balfe, who played the woman who was terrorized by King Kong in the original film.





This suave alpha male was played by Trevor Burchett.



I wanted to pay homage to the great era through hair and makeup but not make it look “costume-y”.

Down turned eyebrows and smokey eyes in charcoal, plum, and mocha gave an instant moody effect worthy of a flapper girl.  Customary of that time was to curve the lip at the Cupid’s bow and make it appear pouty and doll-like.  I left the silhouette of the lips in a natural state concentrating on making the outer edges thinner and sharper for a more modern effect.  Tones in raspberry, plum, merlot, and rose matched a cooler palette to contrast the dewy skin finish.  Blusher in dusty rose, pale pink and mauve was painted downward on the face to keep it true to the time period.  Pailettes, or small hand cut glitter, was used on the eyes to give a sultry and vampy flapper vibe.



The hair was wet set in a finger wave pattern and pin curl pattern with Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam.  I prefer this foam as opposed to a setting lotion because it is lighter and conditions the hair. Custom colored wigs were cut into blunt bobs for a dramatic effect as well.

Here is the full editorial!





1920s_Nico_Walter_Mary2 (1)









I hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did creating it!



Hair and Makeup: Walter Fuentes of WAFU Artistry

Photography: Nicollette Mollet

Photography Assistant: Tyler Martin

Fashion Styling: Mary Mirsky

Styling Assistant: Allie Mora

Models: Courtesy of The Campbell Agency; Andrea Haag, Amber Griffin, Roxanna Redfoot, Trevor Burchett

Location: Warwick Melrose Hotel Dallas



THROWBACK THURSDAY: Portfolio Update with David Earl


It’s Thursday again already?!

Wow, how time passes.  To make it better, I share this awesome session with David Earl photographed by Sergio Garcia.  

The purpose of this photoshoot was to compile various looks and show David’s versatility. From fitness, to casual, to suiting,  he shows a different side of a well groomed man’s closet.

For the relaxed looks, I used a bit of Awapuhi Texturizing Sea Salt Spray by Paul Mitchell and roughly blow dried it with my fingers. I then dressed it with Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech for a bedhead hold.





As the session progressed, I dressed the hair with a much neater  pompadour effect. I achieved this by using a paddle brush and smoothing all of the hair directed back. The Sumo Tech activated with the heat and created a nice finish so I just sealed in place with a mist of Paul Mitchell Extra Clean Hairspray.




Lastly, we wanted to portray a very crisp, debonair gentleman. To complete his well tailored suit look, I deep side parted the hair using his eyebrow as a guide to keep proportion. I used Kenra Grooming Pomade and used a fine toothed comb perfectly smooth it back. I topped it off with a fine mist of Paul Mitchell The Shine for a lacquer finish.



I hope you enjoyed it and that you have fun using these essential products as much as I do.

Grooming: Walter Fuentes of WAFU Artistry |

Photography: Sergio Garcia |

Lighting: Craig Thomas

THROWBACK THURSDAY: “Black Swan” featuring Becca courtesy of Wallflower Management


A perfect fall day in Dallas, Texas was the backdrop for this beautiful photo session photographed by Wade Livingston.

Free, airy, and bohemian was the inspiration and Willie Johnson did not disappoint with the fashion styling.

I used a cocktail of Sebastian Gel Forté and Bumble and Bumble Surfspray in her hair to give a lived in wet hair feel.

Coconut oil was used as gloss on the high planes of the face with shadows and foundation by Dior Cosmetics.














Hair and Makeup: Walter Fuentes of WAFU Artistry | http://www.wafuartistry

Photography: Wade Livingston |

Fashion Styling: Willie Johnson

Muse:  Becca at Wallflower Management

HOW TO: Glamorous Red Carpet Look


One of my all time favorite looks is a side parted cascade wave worthy of Rita Hayworth or Veronica Lake.  The classics never disappoint!

This look was designed for a dear friend and model here in Dallas.  She has always brought beauty and joy when I work with her on set, so naturally I HAD to help her get ready for her special prom night.  Her gown was custom-made by Lucy Dang and needed a couture hair and makeup look to match.

Trying to man the camera and complete hair and makeup is quite challenging but here is a step-by-step of how the look was achieved.

Try it out for you next event, date, or photoshoot!  Comment below if you have any questions.


I first prepared Allison’s hair with Paul Mitchell Styling Foam for heat protection and a soft memory hold.  Apply on dry hair and comb through to saturate then establish a deep side part for a vintage feel.  A 1″ barrel curling iron was used for this pin curl set.  Curl all of your hair going in the same direction.  In this case, all of the hair was curled towards the face by wrapping the hair around the iron towards the face.  The important part of this look is a pronounced wave and in order to achieve it, you should “set” or allow the hair to cool in the desired shape.  After releasing the hair from the curling iron, roll it back onto itself like shown above and clip it at the base or root with a hair clip.  You can find them at any general beauty supply.

Continue to curl all of your hair until all of it is in pin curls as shown above.  Mist it lightly with a light hold hairspray and move on to makeup.  For this look I used L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray because it has a brushable hold.



After appropriately moisturizing the skin and lips, I primed it to ensure the makeup lasted all night.  Allison has great skin and just needed a light primer to ensure she photographed well and that she stayed matte.  I used Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer.  The foundation of choice was a bit of Bobbi Brown Foundation applied lightly with a wet foundation brush. It was then set with Bobbi Brown Translucent Powder.

2014-05-09 19.36.02

Her cheeks were sculpted with an apricot rose blusher from the Kaleidoscope Collection by Lé Métier de Beauté.

2014-05-09 19.37.45

A sheer opalescent wash of color was added all over the lid from the Ready-to-Glow Eyeshadow Quad by Dior. The center darkest color was used to enhance the crease.

2014-05-09 19.40.13

Starting from the center, I drew a thin line following her eye shape with the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Felt Tip Liner.  Make sure to not over extend your line past the end of your lash line for a balanced effect.

2014-05-09 19.41.10


While wet, I gently smudged the liner with a flat liner brush to soften the line.

2014-05-09 19.41.42


Prepare the lashes by curling them to accent the eyes.  I used a Tweezeman Lash Curler in this step.

2014-05-09 19.42.47

I like to build lashes as much as possible to avoid using fake lashes.  Makeup Forever Lash Fibers is perfect for this.  I added the white base fibers in several coats.

2014-05-09 19.44.31

While still damp, I added mascara to build volume.  The mascara of choice was Makeup Forever’s Aqua Smokey Lash since it is waterproof.

2014-05-09 19.45.11

Next, define the brows lightly to add a sculpted effect.  I used MAC Brow Pencil in Brun.

2014-05-09 19.46.45

Define the lips from the center out with a sturdy lip brush. This is a Mehron Flat Brush which is for shadow but I like it better for lips.  I used Dior Addict Lipstick in “Rock’n Roll”.

2014-05-09 19.47.18

Gently place a tissue over your lipstick and press a bit of translucent powder with a fluffy brush to set your lipstick.

2014-05-09 19.47.44

Release your curls and gently brush from roots to ends.  I recommend brushing the hair for about 5 to 6 minutes to collapse the curls just enough and create a wave.

2014-05-09 19.48.18

The waves around the face will form and you can set them in place by holding them with the same pins used in your pin curl set.  Make sure to clip every indentation or curve that the wave makes as shown above.  Lightly mist with a finishing spray for a firm hold.  I used Kenra Finishing Spray.



Voila! You are ready to go out on the town or win prom queen like Allison!!


THROWBACK THURSDAY: “A Girl in Gold” Influential Magazine, January 2014


One of fashion’s biggest trends is the color gold. Opulent, classy, and expensive.

This collection features some of the most beautiful and classic pieces styled by Jeanette Chiviis. 

I created hair and make up looks that evoked the bygone eras of Roosevelt and glamour associated with Veronica Lake and Rita Hayworth. Washes of gold on the eyelids, bold highlights on the cheekbones and gold flaked lip colors added to the beautiful drama.

I hope you enjoy!










Hair & Makeup: Walter Fuentes | WAFU Artistry

Photography: Jorge Rivas

Model: Ashley Lacamp courtesy of Kim Dawson Agency

Fashion Styling: Jeanette Chiviis