FEAUTURE: Chloe courtesy of The Dragonfly Agency

Model Features

One of my favorite things is to develop a beauty story.

For me, it allows me to express a feeling or use a color that that is not generally used on the face. It allows me to work intimately with the model and photographer to create a piece. One that doesn’t overshadow the model’s  natural beauty.

I worked with the fabulous Morgan Chidsey to create a small set of beauty images with Chloe after capturing images for her portfolio.

Chloe has a striking face with no need for adornment. Just like all of us, adornment only adds more interest and conversation pieces. A wearable mask.


I began by using a powerful color to create an inverted triangle of balance and brought the focal point to her lips. A luscious mulberry shade mixed with a burgundy as a nod to the Marsala color trend. I used Iman Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick in shades Taboo and Black Brandy.



I progressed by creating gilded eyebrow and lashes in metallic gold. For me it adds a bit of flair and sparkle to your eyes. I misted a mascara wand with MAC Fix + and mixed metallic gold from the Makeup Forever Flash Palette. I then brushed it through the eyebrows and lashes for sparkle.




Lastly, continuing with the metallic inspiration, I created a diffused metallic metal look that represents our inner strength. I diffused a small amount of metallic silver over Chloe as to show if she was exposing the metal underneath. Flashes of blue and green patina were dusted on to create a “lived in” metal look that was starting to tarnish.



I hope you enjoyed the series and that you are inspire to add a bit flair to your routine:)


Hair and Makeup: Walter Fuentes with The Campbell Agency | http://www.wafuartistry.com

Photography: Morgan Chidsey  http://www.morganchidey.com

Muse: Chloe at The Dragonfly Agency

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