Take time to realize


Summer is a super busy season. There are a lot of formal events, weddings, graduations, portfolio updates and fall season previews. Thankfully, makeup and hair artists are needed for all of these!

However, being in contact with so many people day in and day out leaves you with a vulnerable and depleted energy. For me, I know that I have to recharge frequently as to not upset my balance.

I was scheduled to lead a beginner’s makeup class in Austin, TX so I decided to make a retreat trip out of it. I checked into a resort off the beaten path.

“I need this alone time” I said. “I can’t hear my thoughts.” I figured this would do my soul some good.

As I drove up to my destination, I quickly realized I got a little more than I bargained for. My cell phone couldn’t make or recieve calls. No texts. No emails. What if someone had a hair and makeup emergency?!

When night fell and the lights were out, I could hold my hand to my face and couldn’t see it. It was pitch dark Wi-fi and no cell signal. What was I thinking?!


The following morning, after a light breakfast, I decided to go for a hike in the hills.

The sky was a bright cerulean blue and it was not too hot. As I walked thru the trail, the noises around me were so defeaning. All I could hear were the crickets, birds, and all types of unimaginable creatures just hanging out. I was easily startled and was very jumpy.  I had forgotten how it was to just listen to nature and not freak out at leaves rustling, birds flapping, and grasshoppers chirping. I encountered such beautiful colors, textures, and life.








I glided easily into my walking pace and started jogging. I finished running and was drenched in sweat.

After showering, I was starving and walked to the small cafe on the property. I asked for a window seat during dinner as to stage the “perfect” sunset frame. In the run and chase of trying to perfect and create a career and life, I forget to stop. Slow down. Watch and see.

There were 3 tables that complained that the setting sun was too bright and requested the blinds be closed.  Observing this behavior was monumental for me. How many times have I passed up a beautiful opportunity because it’s uncomfortable?

I coordinated my 3 course meal to coincide with the sunset.  I began my dinner at 8pm and ended at 9pm.  As I watched the clouds change from sky blue, to cerulean, to cornflower, to periwinkle,  lavender and finally magenta,  it hit me. THIS sunset. These clouds. I will never see again. I must remember to live in the moment.




Remember to cherish the breath you’re taking. The ability to see and feel. Take time to listen to your inner self. Make it your compass. There is a lot of beauty in staying in the moment.

Love, light, and peace to you all:)

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