FEAUTURE: Chloe Nguyen courtesy of Page Parkes Agency

Model Features

What do you get when you have one free hour, creativity,  an awesome team and a camera? THIS!

Inspired by fantasy, watercolors, and elements, we created a simple set of images that reaffirmed our affinity towards the exotic.

Gentle pastels, both in mastefully blended makeup, and in a custom lacefront platinum wig met to create our first image. Part fairy,  part goddess, part fantasy, this image is eerie and beautiful.


Our second image creates an illusion of a geisha warrior that is caught in mid run. Bold colors that signify strength, love and passion all meet to create this stunning image. Hand colored wefts using Paul Mitchell Ink Works in Orange, Red, Yellow and Black add drama to the look.



Hair: Walter Fuentes of WAFU Artistry | http://www.wafuartistry.com

Makeup: Savannah Blair

Photography: Wade Livingston | http://www.wadelivingston.com

Muse: Chloe Nguyen of Page Parkes Agency

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