THROWBACK THURSDAY(NSFW): “Criminal” feauturing Lindsay Higgins for


Beauty has always been relative to me. What we perceive is not always what is. Fleeting. Powerful. Delicate. Soft.

But there are times where it can be used to lure, entice, and enchant.  In this editorial, Lindsay Higgins, embodies a luxurious alpha female turned femme fatale who lures her prey with her perfect skin and body.  A mixture of fur, roses, and knee- high Yves Saint Laurent boots give this dimly lit hotel room a mysterious den feeling.

Expensive leather and lingerie fashion from La Perla, Bordelle, YSL, Christian Louboutin, and Les Jupons de Tesse add richness, details and depth to a milky complexion.

From voluminous waves to a high va va voom ponytail worthy of a Vegas showgirl, watch as she transforms from scene to scene finally exciting after the kill in a custom colored “Monroe” wig to conceal her identity.

The collection was feautured at http://–lindsay-higgins-by-brandon-lyon-72345.html













Photography: Brandon Lyon | http://

Photography Assistants: Steven Chan & Patrick Kratz

Digital Tech: Brent Hughes

Set Design: Vanessa Badreddine

Fashion Styling: Juan Lerma

Makeup Artist: Shawn Cude | http://

Hair Stylist: Walter Fuentes of  WAFU Artistry |

Model: Lindsay Higgins http://

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